Are you a funny blogger?

I have been trying for a while now to come up with a funny post, or even just to generally become a funny blogger. There are some blogs out there that have me smiling from title to very last paragraph (and I must admit an occasional "laugh out loud"), eg studio mela blog, marmee craft. EDIT: and anna laura (lol i knew there was someone else! Well actually there are probably many many more, I love all my bloggers out there.)Sometimes it is not so much about actually being funny, but having a special way of putting things that makes me happy, and comfortable. I think I have had many posts about wanting to revolutionalise the way I post. Maybe one day. All I know is that every day when I log into my reader, I get that little pang of excitement when I see that my favourites have a new post (or even two!).

I have been working really hard in my little studio of late, trying to come up with lots of new things. Postcards, gift tags. More notebooks, they are all there way so keep your eyes peeled!!

Wishing you all the best lovely bloggers.



  1. My Charlie Girl said...
    you have such a lovely blog. just keep going the way you are i say! and wow, good on you for all the work you are doing. you make me want to pull my finger out my bum and do more work!

    Thanks you for the lovely comment on my new journal girl. makes me happy cause im not all that happy with how she turned out. i had an idea of how she would look in the end, and it didnt work. oh well, keep trying, and your comment make me feel much better and was encouraging. so thank you!
    Unknown said...
    I think your blog is great! I know what you mean about trying to be funny. I worry my blog is like reading a manual on how to make your life more boring! Then you read other blogs and think, wow, that seems effortless!
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.
    katelynjane said...
    I know what you mean! I keep reading "cool" blogs and hoping mine come across like that to my readers. I always wish I had something clever to say. But being ourselves is probably the best bet. Good luck with your entries!! And keep up the hard work with your crafting! Looks like you've been super busy!

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