I have been tagged by the lovely anna laura. I think i may have done the tagging thing once before, but here goes.
7 facts about me.... relating to who knows what.

1. Today marks the start of my weekend. Today is actually tuesday, but due to the unfortunateness of me not having a full time (or even part time) job I have to live by the rubbish of casual work. This means unexpected and inconsistent hours. This also means some weeks I am rich and some I am poor. My actual point is that I just work 5 days straight (WOAH!) which I am happy about, especially now since my weekend begins mid week.

2. So, being the start of the weekend, I allowed my self to sleep in till 10 am. I then ate my breakfast. And then the fun begins. I made many attempts in hanging out a load of queen size bed sheets and a doona cover. This is a difficult task on a good day, however today, I had my darling puppy making the effort so much bigger. (jumping, pulling etc.)

3. While I was reluctant to reward her, (but look, how could i stay mad at that face) I decided it was time for her walk. She is about three times the size as the picture how, (ohhh) and we put a harness on her so she doesnt slip out of her lead. This is normally relatively easy. Today, it was not. After much biting, pulling and fighting and yelling, I finally got the silly harness on her (which was looking a bit worse for wear, and i think was ready to snap) and took her for a fun jolly walk.

4. Got home. Put maggie (puppy) in the back yard. Hung out another load of washing. (maggie was a bit tired so she wasn't as difficult). Had a shower to relax and get ready for a day in the studio.

5. Everything sounded a little too calm outside. I went to check on the washing. Sure enough, the big queen sized sheet had been pulled of and was now lying in a pile in the mud. The clean, freshly washed sheet. Now dirty again. aHHHHHHHHh. But again, re: photo above, how can I stay mad!

6. Finally, time to sit in the studio and get some work done! I have bit plans you see, just you wait. I poured my self a big glass of water and settled down. All the mornings activities was such hard work! hmm, my ipod cable isnt working, maybe I should get another, I thought. As i moved to get out of my seat, I knocked that large, and nicely chilled glass of water over. With its entire contents spilling all over my desk, covering this very laptop, my ipod, my phone, power cords, and anything else electrical in sight.

7. As if this day could not get any worse! Coffee time. Sat down and opened inbox. 2 new emails. One read 'Etsy Transactions'. This day just got soooooooooooo much better.

Ahh that was exciting.

and now for the formalities.

And the rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

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Now go forth and tag

I choose... hmmmm
studio mela
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and mercers daughter

Happy tagging! and have a lovely day :D

I think its meant to be seven, but thats just too much effort! :D


  1. Unknown said...
    Ooh great facts, I like how it is about the day you had, although the dirty sheet thing is pretty annoying, but the dog is all sorts of cute!

    And transaction emails are always nice!
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    It's February 12th, 7:45am here in Ohio (USA), it's snowing like crazy and COLD! I hope your new day is better than yesterday, tho I can't wait till I can hang out my wash again when weather warms up.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I like yours too. I will try to accomplish the "tag" thing as soon as I get home from work. Your puppy is SO cute!! I love animals:)
    katelynjane said...
    As soon as I have a chance, I'm going to do this in my blog (: I saw your link on an Etsy comments thingy in the storque (: Had to check it out!

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