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After many friendly bloggers had talked about this lovely mag, went and got myself a copy. And oh am I glad I did.

I have always considered my self environmentally conscience, in the likes of using less water, never getting plastic shopping bags, remembering to turn things off at the power point, and more recently seeking out organic products and food. But it is amazing when you look into how far and deep and ever present the 'whole enviro thing' this. It is great. And I love learning about it. And I love the approach this mag takes. So check it. 


It is funny how this all sort of came about around the time when I opened my little vintage shop. Last year when I took the handmade pledge I have always tried to do exactly that. While I have always been a huge vintage fan, my love was more based on the fact that I love it, not because it is supporting the idea of recycling reusing, and a whole lot else in regards to production of clothing. 

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I love how my opinions on this have now opened an expanded into so much more than just a love for something! I mean hey, I can actually love and buy something and know that it is for the great good! hehe.

What things do you feel are important about going green and saving the environment, I love hearing what is going on in your lovely heads.


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