All I want from Etsy is...

I am currently waiting to start a new job, and decided to take a little week off before I started. Great for spending time online shopping. No so great when you don't have the funds to support the hobby.

So without further delay, here are my latest omg I need to buy these items from etsy but cannot because I don't have the funding.

Gorgeous vintage shoes by the lovely santokivintage

Sweet herb markers, for when I one day start my herb garden, from NinaGibsonDesigns

My mum would probably cry out in horror, so I guess Ill have to wait till I have my own home before I start the vintage decorating, but I can dream all the same (and start filling that glory box!). From whiteelephantvintage

Lately I find myself more drawn to home wears than anything else. I just love it.

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  1. Honor said...
    What great finds! I'll race you for those herb tags... oh and I've tagged you in my blog if you feel like playing. :-)

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