So it is confirmed...

that I am not going to be taking up a career in exhibition photography, but nevertheless, I shall show you these photos all the same!

I unfortunately couldn't make it to the opening of cream coloured ponies & crisp apple strudels but I did still manage to sneak in there and take a few snaps of the lovely, beautiful artworks! 

So I don't even have any interesting arty gossip to report either! Other than I loved the works by the lovely Courtney Brims, Kelly Smith, Kareena Zerefos and Bec Winnel


Works are in order as mentioned above! 

I believe the show was put together by Kareena, and I must say it was a lovely little collection of things and works!

Once again apologies for the crappy photography!

Bring on more fun and lovely exhibitions!


  1. Jessie said...
    thanks for the music tips! josh pykes newie is one of my faves.and lenka's album is really great!
    glad you liked the exhibition, i never can take good pics when i go!
    My Charlie Girl said...
    thanks for sharing some photos :) these are the first i've seen. xxx

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