A self promotion. I mean really.

Friends, I thought I would just share a quick update in regards to my vintage shop grandmas chest of glory. It needs some Aussie love because being vintage on etsy and not being from America gets a bit tough due to the high international shipping rates. But thats ok. Because Aussies love vintage too. I know I do. 

A little about my business philosphy here. Essentially I want a lovely little vintage shop. And she is growing.
Why buy vintage? Well it looks better and usually is (hehe). But more importantly we are recycling. Why do we need to be producing new stuff (harming the environment etc) when we have excellent stuff going un-used! Share the love my friends.

I also still enjoy the idea of a glory box. I myself have one, and I feel that all these youngies out there (haha me included) should be starting our collections now for when we need to be serious adults and what not (not likely).

Enjoy friends.


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