Where Two Oceans Meet

For what it is worth I thought I would do a little bit of

"omg if you are considering buying an album at the moment, this is the one you have to get!"


Lately I have been doing a lot of moral and ethical sole searching (most likely more rants on this to come) and one of them is buying CDs and downloading music from iTunes. A while a go I made the promise to never "illegally download" and so its not that issue that I am contemplating. I download a lot of single tracks from iTunes, new music I want to check out etc etc, but I have yet to buy a whole album. I still like to have my physical CD. I bought the lovely Chimney's Afire by one of my favourites Josh Pyke. I always hesitate when I buy CDs, I don't know why, they are not that expensive, but I am tight, and well yeah. I am super glad I did.

I love the sea and oceany theme through it. A lovely little journey. Go have a listen.

And even though I now own the physical CD, it got loaded straight onto my iPod and the CD got filed away.... See my predicament. Do I support the nature of the physical CD industry, you know, the whole album art thing which I love and adore. And what about all the CD peoples jobs? 

Yes but what about the whole new range of jobs that are available in the download industry. Not to mention it is much better for the environment to reduce all the production costs. 

Why not join the friendly debate in my mind!!

Oh, and the CD is excellent. Did I already mention that?


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