I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I love writing blogs. I love ridiculous blogs. I love serious blogs. Somes though they are very easy to forget about. Especially when you have lovely holidays to New Zealand! (More later), 21st birthdays, work, work work and family to think about.

I really wish my artistic creations were not neglected, but I suppose they have been. I have been creating, uni and other little projects (More later!) but I havent been keeping up on the whole interactive internet community which i love doing so so much.

I still read my favourite blogs, but with not as much love and attention as I want.

I'm going to budget more time for this again. I have been also been spending a lot of time reflecting on what sort of artist I want to be, and I have been spending more time working on suppose a "body of work" as opposed to making something and posting because I was egar to share it with the world!

I want to share my more "fine art" side. As opposed to the illustrationy side (which I still want to share!)

So when I get to my actual computer (this is a speedy naughty blog-post-while-I-am-meant-to-be-working-at-work kind of post!) I can share and show and tell and I hope that someone is left around here to read and enjoy!
Meanwhile, my favourite little bunny friend FIFI has made very hard for me to want to wear anything other than that dress for my upcomming 21st birthday!

still loving it.

Sorry for any typos, no spell check here!


  1. Jessie said...
    i feel your pain,but its good to see your back so to speak. and that dress is amazing
    Daydream Lily said...
    oh that dress is beautiful.

    welcome back, can't wait to see your new body of work.
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    Hello! That dress is beautiful...mmm!
    Sometimes life gets in the way of making art, doesn't it? But, the trick I think is to look at that time away from the easel as school. While at work, there is no law saying you can't concentrate on how shadowing affects an object,then make a mental note, and that will come back to you when you sit down at your easel.
    Seems to me, everything in life is a lesson of some sort that you can use in art.
    Best of wishes to you, take good care of yourself.
    Honor said...
    Hey, you're back! Good to hear from you... I love this pic!

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