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[if you click on the images you can go to flickr and favourite the hell outta these]

Ah. It might come as no surprise that a blogger/digital artist such as my self is obsessed with my laptop. Some may call it geeky or unhealthy. I call it motivationally inspiring as it allows me to come up with a little art series like this.

I was thinking of keeping these a surprise until my big new shop/website launch (yes! I will be moving the blog soon to my new website, stay tuned!) but I figured you might like to see them now.

Would love to know what you think? I am basically exploring the idea of internet addiction, online socialising, working from home, and how sometimes people say bad things of you because of these aforementioned reasons.

Don’t listen to them. The Internet rules. There, I said it.

Sometimes I dream of wearing a t-shirt that says “I absolutely love the internet” but I know I could never go thaaaaaaaaaaaaat far. Could I? Would you?


  1. Meg said...
    I WOULD definitely go as far as saying I'm addicted to the internet. It's my life! I love love loooove your blog. I'm so glad you commented on mine. I'm subscribing....now!
    renee anne said...
    @ Meg :: oh you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much. High Five for internet addiction! x
    E R I N said...
    its beyond addiction for internet lovers now.... too many people would be called addicts! its what we call 'normal' :)

    i adore the internet, i have no idea where i would be now without it... the past 10 years of internet usage have inspired every canvas i have painted! so i think i can almost count it and my NEW MACBOOK PRO (omg i love it) as a work tool...................

    i do hope people remember to go running around on beaches and watch suns set every now and then :)

    ps: i really love those illustrations!
    renee anne said...
    @ Erin :: hahaha!! your comment made me laugh.
    I would have to agree with every. single. word. you just said.

    p.s thank you so much. means so much to me. xx
    tabitha said...
    the internet is awesome, and i do love my laptop. the new drawings are wonderful, especially like the first 2. i like this new style :)
    nic x said...
    hehe love iposture and dream job, wait just love all of them. Awesome.
    Len uses his computer all day everyday and works from home.
    If you can do it why not. I say you should boycott work right now and get cosy at home on the laptop. Making more social value because you have more time in a more productive, healthy enviornment, snacking on raw organic foods :P
    Jordan Clarke said...
    Oooh I know that feeling! It's true that you can get carried away with the internet and social networking - I've fallen into that trap once tragically. But when you're a freelancer and/or independent artist it's the best way to connect with like-minded people and get the whole world knowing about you. Further proof in the pudding is when you extend your online connections into real-life ones and actually MEET those online pals. Now tell me that's not real.
    Alex Louisa said...
    Renee I love these illustrations! They work SO well. I especially like your drawing for the guy in #2. Very cool style :)

    I don't have a laptop, but I would really, really like one. It's very high up on my to-buy list, especially since I'm doing more design jobs now. Actually, I want a laptop with a pull out wacom tablet - when will they make one? Just for me?!?!
    Jessie said...
    i love the illustrations by the way - i want one as my wallpaper! i totally agree with what everyone has said, i am a little addicted to my laptop and the net but i don't know if it is a bad thing because it is so easy to be isolated when working at home creating. plus who doesn't love looking at pretty pictures :)
    renee anne said...
    @ Jordan Clarke :: Yes, exactly. I cannot believe the opportunities I got last year, all because of the internet and twitter. and I can feel that this year is going to be even better.
    The meeting thing is so crazy. I met people last year that have been my online friends for years and years. it is such a bizarre and amazing thing :)

    @ Alex Louisa :: Thank you so so much. That means so much to me. The Wacom thing sounds like a pretty awesome idea. I have always wanted one of those. I can't believe I draw those with the mac pad thingo. not even a mouse. I should get a mouse.

    @ jessie :: wallpaper... hmmm. now there is an idea!! I think I might maybe do that. stay tuned lovely! and I totally agree. not a bad thing AT ALL! xx
    Preciosas tus ilustraciones, son super femeninas y relajantes, las fotografias, el blog en general, muy lindo.

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