just like ben folds* once said, there is always someone cooler than you. not that I think that is a bad thing. but seriously, how amazing is nikole's tutorial and free printable recipe. I sort of want to print it just so I can frame it. one day I will make those cookies and they will be amazing. until then, I will stare at nikole's amazing photographs and dream of days when I will be cooler (than you) (just kidding).

*his website, for some strange reason, is blocked at my work? so I hope that is the correct link, and I haven't linked you to some weirdo cult website or something.


  1. Caitlin Shearer said...
    button cookies! those are he cutest looking biscuits ive seen.

    p.s. that ben folds line lives eternally in my head too!
    nikole said...
    gah, such a nice post, thank you.

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