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oh, what a lovely weekend I had! despite the "cons" of having to sit in my stationary car on the F3 highway for two hours in the 58 degree heat due to an accident (which is better than being in the actual accident *sad face*) and being a little to "worse for wear" on Sunday, which meant I spent most of the day lounging, I had a pretty damn fine good time.

one of those good times was when my boyfriend took me to see the temper trap at the Enmore Theatre (hehe I remember the days when I had to drag him along to gigs, and now he is the one buying the tickets and wanting me to come along!). well I must say, my expectations were semi low, however I was just BLOWN AWAY by the amazingness. best live band I have seen all year that is for sure!! hehe, the only one, but never mind that.

sadly, the album sort of doesn't do them justice (well it does, but you know what I mean). the lead singer, Dougy Mandagi, has such dynamic energy, and an amazing falsetto voice, you really do need to see them live. If you are going to the Big Day Out, make sure you see them. Or I will hit you.


  1. Jessie said...
    haha i love the little threat at the end, too funny. i am going to see them tomorrow night at the forum, way too excited for words i must say!
    Anonymous said...
    i remember when temper trap were an unknown band and last week I was at sunset sounds in brisbane and the whole main stage was watched by thousands all singing along to their songs.
    its amazing.

    great to see them getting some sucess, now we wait for album 2 and see if it lasts.

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