love // netural with a splash

love // netural with a splash 1
love // netural with a splash 2
love // neutral with a splash 3

ok. I will admit it. I have bright purple walls in my home and I hate them. What is that?? NO it was not my choice, they were like that when we moved in! gosh. But still. I have to live with them. Because it is a rental property and I don't know about you but I can't be effffed spending the time persuading the landlord, or money on getting them painted. Although, maybe a little investment now will save me on medical bills down the track when I go INSANE due to crazy living conditions.

Maybe it has been a good thing. Because I have learnt what I like, and what I don’t. I have learnt that I love, crave and need a neutral palette as a base, and from there, I can inject small shots of colour. I certainly don’t need overdose on ridiculously permanent hits of colour on walls that prevent anything else from having the slightest chance of looking good.

Oh, and we have two black leather couches. I know they are “good quality” and I shouldn’t be mean because they are my boyfriends and he loves them. Which is fine. But just picture heavy black couches WITH super dark/bright purple walls. That and the fact there is little to no natural light in the place… yeah. If you need me I will be rocking back and forth in the corner.


  1. D R E W said...
    thanks for including one of my flickr photos!

    i love a nuetral palette, too. lately, i'm finding myself redesigning my apartment with less and less color. not sure why this is happening, but it feels right so i'm going with it.
    renee anne said...
    @ drew :: oh you are so so welcome! I love your images and I just LOVE your blog.

    I think you are onto a good thing with the apartment ;)
    Chrissy Lau said...
    haha this made me laugh out aloud- my sister once told me that yellow walls signify depression and suicidal tendencies...does that make you feel better? slightly? I too like the neutral colour scheme but my fiance reckons it looks too we compromised on a warm red which compliments the art work we put up. You should put a request out for free paint, I'm sure there are plenty tins of it gathering dust in people's garages so you would be doing them a favour x
    Jessie said...
    oh renee i love it! my house has this awful wood panelling in the kitchen + lounge which i know for a fact would look way better if it was painted white but what can you do! at least you know what you like haha. i do like a neutral palette but i must admit i crave colour too. i can't wait until i have my own house to decorate one day
    E R I N said...
    i am totally addicted to my high gloss white floors. you have to do it one day! white white white.... i want to marry the colour white!

    google 'scandinavian apartments' or 'swedish apartments' to remind your brain that everything will be okay.
    Katja said...
    Thank you for including two of my images in this lovely collection! I love both colorful and more neutral spaces so I'm trying to learn how to combine them. I don't like too bright colors, even if it's colorful the space needs to have a nice calm mood. I don't think I could ever live in a very brightly colored/a really dark space, I think I would just go insane:) the colors around you really do affect your mood. I don't know what it says about me but I need a very calming environment around me! :D
    renee anne said...
    @ deciphertheday :: hahaha!! that does make me feel a little better. you are a funny one. well when we first moved in, we had BRIGHT YELLOW curtains to go with those purple walls, so they were ripped down immediately. good idea about the paint too!

    @ jessie : hahaha ahh the joys of renting!! I am the same. I crave colour too. so i need to find my balance. I just keep collecting and dreaming and all will be ok!

    @ ✦ERIN :: oh gosh. so jealous. and yep. I spend all day lusting over swedish apartments. lol. everything will be ok.

    @ Katja :: you are so very welcome! I love them so much. I agree with you totally. It really is starting to mess with my moods. HAHAHA.
    Nora said...
    Lovely selection. Thank you for the inclusion.
    renee anne said...
    @ Nora :: absolutely welcome. glad you enjoy!
    Liz said...
    Oh darlin'! The first house we bought had a huge living room that was painted a glossy salmon color. At night it sucked up all the light and it felt like we were sitting inside a giant's intestines. Seriously. The only thing worse was the pink(!) dining room with the primary colored flower stencils bordering the ceiling. And these rooms opened into each other. Shudder!

    Some landlords will pay for materials if you do the work. He might be glad to be rid of the purple, but just be too lazy to do it himself. Do a little sweet talking and he might think it's a great idea. And even if he won't pay for the paint it would be worth it to live in a space you really liked.

    Just don't forget the primer! You'll need it to cover up the purple.
    renee anne said...
    @ Liz :: oh my oh my. that does make me feel a WHOLE lot beter.

    the thing is. I don't think I can be bother investing the time, when I know we might just move soon anyway, but yes. still a good idea to consider!!! hahaha
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