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Inspiration :: Wall Art 1

1. Living Room, 2. domino favorite, 3. A corner of my home, 4. Gallery,
Wall of white frames, 6. bedroom wall, 7. DETAIL: The Wall of Curiosities, 8. Day One

sigh. sigh. sigh. I wish I could afford more 3M picture hanging strips. damn you rental property.

Inspiration :: Wall Art 3
1. Art wall bedroom, 2. Loveseat + art wall.,
Art Wall Updated, 4. guest room wall.

you see, I try to do awesome stuff like this around my home. but I either never plan properly, or I get glaring stares from my boyfriend who claims there is already enough art on the walls.

Inspiration :: Wall Art 2
1. Family Tree, 2. new wall, 3. New arrangement, 4. stairs,
New Wall of Art, 6. apt 001, 7. landing strip art, 8. entry close up

I found most, if not all of these images via the Wall Art group of flickr. Groups are awesome.


  1. Jaimie said...
    I love all of this. My boyfriend would probably look at me like I was nuts if I started doing collages like this too. *siiiigh* I might have to anyways.
    renee anne said...
    @ Jaimie :: :: oh thank you!! lol, damn those boyfriends. sigh indeed!
    Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations said...
    I love clusters of collections - I think I would even fill my ceilings with groups like this if I could!! gorgeous blog - now I am sighing too
    renee anne said...
    @ Sandra :: now that is a good idea!! ceilings here I come!
    E R I N said...
    awww they are all gorgeous!
    can you EVER have too much on your wall?!

    Canvas Dezign said...
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