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raw nut balls

Thought I would share a little recipe with you today! There has been a lot of talk lately about raw food, and while I am not a total raw foodist, I do love and enjoy a lot of raw food recipes. Often they show you ways of making yummy delicious food, that can still be considered "healthy". Take ice cream for example, I love love love it but I can't really tolerate a lot of dairy (and neither can my thighs), however there are loads of raw vegan "ice cream" recipes out there and now I can enjoy my favourite treat, guilt free.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you an easy one today. I am a HUGE snacker and I am always on the look out for healthy, organic snacks that are easy to make. I came across this recipe after a quick google search and decided to give them a try! Turns out they are super easy and extra delicious. I have the recipe for you below, and also in fancy PDF form for download, should you feel obliged.

If you are keen on the raw food thing, check out my super talented friends website Bee Raw. They are super raw foodists and share some easy to follow recipes over on their site.

you will need

> a food processor or blender
> measuring cups
> two bowls
> a tray that will fit in freezer


> 2/3 C macadamia nuts
> 2/3 C cashews
> 2/3 C shredded coconut

chocolate mix
> 1/8 C raw honey
> 1/8 C cacao powder
> pinch of salt
> splash of water

vanilla mix
> 2 Tbs raw peanut butter* or almond butter
> 1 Tbs vanilla extract
> pinch of salt
> splash of water


Put all the base ingredients in a food processor and blend until slightly chunky. Separate evenly into two bowls. Add chocolate mix to one bowl, add the vanilla mix to the other and mix well (use hands). Using hands or spoon, form into little balls and place on tray. Refrigerate or freeze to harden. Serve on pretty plate and enjoy!

Makes 15 balls.

Download a PDF of this recipe here

*my peanut butter is just raw peanuts grounded into butter

Disclaimer :: according to some raw food purists, this may not be considered raw. I am not sure. But it is raw enough for me anyway. hehe.

What do you think of the raw food movement? Do you "eat raw"? Do you have any recipes you would like to share?

Happy un-cooking!


  1. Nic x said...
    Love it! so simple and yummy!

    unfortunately the nuts arent 'truly' raw unless stated because most nuts are dipped in vats of hot oil to pry them out of their shells or subject to extreme heat to be cracked open :(

    As long as it's all organic I don't think it really matters :P
    renee anne said...
    Thanks lovely!!
    I knew that was the case with nuts, but yeah, I always make sure they are organic. And I try to get the "truly raw" cashews where I can (afford).

    cerebral e said...
    "Raw nuts", "raw nut balls", "blender or food processor", "tray for freezer"...if i were a bloke I'd be crossing my legs while I read this!
    Anonymous said...
    Really Raw is Really Expensive (unfortunatley!!)...I just keep drinking my green smoothies; today I am having my greens with Banana, Blueberries and Nectarine.....mmmm yummmo!!!
    renee anne said...
    @Vintage by LOU LOU :: I know, it is a bit crazy!! unless you do the "low fat" option and literally only eat greens. I am yet to do the "green smoothie". I tend to like to save my greens for salads!! plus my blender broke this morning!!! *SCREAM!*

    Renee x

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