did I mention in my previous post that I got a Canon DSLR for Christmas? ha. well I did! excitemento! so many things to make pictures of and not enough time. Since I haven't really left the house since I got it, the only things that I have really taken pictures of are things around my home. and I am dying to show you something, and so I guess it just has to be this!

lets call it a housey tour! but I won't show you too much because I haven't done much housework as I am in "holiday mode". it gets really tiring watching Californication and Scrubs on DVD all day. David Duchovny and Zach Braff are like my heros (crushes) or something.

welcome to 2010 my lovely blog readers! without getting into "resolutions", this year I am hoping to continue my exhibition attending (and curating!) get the new website up and running, develop and grow {twin set} and just keep on making and creating. The growing support means a lot to me, and every comment always makes me smile. keep it real homies!




there is no place.

bear chain

pola heart


two vases

tiny tiny hand

tea bokeh

[all pictures by me, and if you want details on the artwork, click on the image]


  1. Kelly said...
    Looks gorgeous lovely!
    Sara said...
    I tried to leave a comment before but it got lost in the ether. so I walked away, had some computer time out and now I'm back to say - you're awesome! what a lovely home you've made. I'm ever so glad you got a shiny new camera for christmas, I look forward to seeing all the shots you take with it.
    Also, I love your polaroid heart, I was thinking of doing the same with my holga shots but never got around to it. Don't you wish there were more walls in a home? I'm always running out of space to decorate, there's too much great art out there!
    happy new year renee!
    xx sara
    Jessie said...
    oh i am so jealous! i really want a dslr for my trip to the USA...maybe i can hot up so duty free fun :) they photos look gorgeous by the way. i have been spending the hols resting up with dvds too - mad men + gossip girl in my case, and its so lovely. monday will be a struggle.
    renee anne said...
    @ Kelly :: thank you so much :)

    @ Sara :: haha that is a funny story. glad you had some away time, and thank you so so much for your sweet comment! I can't wait to get into photo taking. in fact, the boyfriend and I are going to the zoo tomorrow (cliche I know) but you know, mad photo ops! I also wish there was more space, as I have been banned from putting up anything else. makes me sad. happy new year to you too!

    @ Jessie :: no no, I am jealous of your holiday!! I would totally recommending getting one for the holiday. not only are they awesome, they are a business investment. think of all the sweet product shots you can do ;)
    SO jealous about mad men an GG. I need to get those DVDs ASAP!!! xx
    Bobbin Talk said...
    These look so yammy! I might just try the recipe!
    renee anne said...
    @ Bobbin Talk :: nice!! let me know if you do ;)
    Liz said...
    Lovely photos! I enjoyed the tour. And I have camera envy. Sigh. I'm enjoying your blog very much. So many lovely things, so many great ideas.

    @Sara - I have the same problem! To much cool art in the world and my walls are too small! (also, my checking account, but that's another story :-)

    Wishing you all the best in 2010!

    renee anne said...
    @ Liz :: oh ,your comment really does make me smile! thank you so much :) xx

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