ok, i'll admit it. I am not one to "spend big" and christmas time. while I do notice a dent in my bank account after christmas shopping, I like to be more about the "thought" and "feeling" than the price tag.

this is especially the case when it comes to people like workmates or those people who are hard to buy for. you all know the type I am sure. they probably usually end up with a cheap bottle of wine or a box of Lindt chocolates. don't get be wrong, chocolate and wine is totally fine, but why not make it that little bit more "special", "fair" and little bit more heart felt.

[use me! click image or see below]

this year, I decided to make up some little guilt free treats goodie bags, filled with organic fair-trade chocolate and tea! I was so super pleased with how they turned out, but I am a bit silly and forgot to take a photo! I might make some more because I am sure I have missed someone.

anyway, I thought I would offer a FREE DOWNLOAD (woah!) for you guys to join in on the fair-trade guilt free heart felt chocolatey goodness. just click here to download the free PDF file, print them out, cut them out, wrap up some fair-trade chocolate, stick on the tag, and there you have a sweet lovely heartfelt gift (with an important message!).

Sadly, since I didn't take photos of my own, I will just have to shares some lovely images with you for some inspiration and motivation!

one, two
three, four
five, six

click here to download the free PDF file
and make your own fair-trade chocolate gift packs!

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  1. Sara said...
    you are an everlasting warm fuzzy moment aren't you? bless you renee, these are very sweet and thoughtful gifts indeed. And yes, it's only fair that fair trade goods be guilt free!

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