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probably about time I did a little post featuring some of my creations. oh how showy of me! these are the four photograph prints that made up my little display at the finders keepers markets over the weekend. I had a big space of wall to fill, and in the end I had quite a few pieces on show. I would love to show you a picture of the whole thing, but I foolishly forgot to take one! James took one, with my silly face in it, so that might just have to do once I get it from him. Did you take one?

Confetti Mess

[confetti mess]



The day was a wonderful sucess, with Foreshore Dynamic "represent" and with my art on the walls a stone throw away. It was quite surreal actually. And I wasn't at all, at any point, at all, wishing I had my Leeloo hat on... (well maybe just a little. but it is ok, Foreshore Dynamic, you were fun too.)

If you are interested in one
of my photograph prints, just give me a yell.
Only $10 each.
What a nice little gift one might make!


  1. Anonymous said...
    i'll take the 'I love you'
    (it's Samee!)
    renee anne said...
    hehe. :)
    are you home?!?!
    rejenerate said...
    Sorry - I didn't take a photo of your display...but I did stand and admire for a looooong time. Congrats on the sales...I love your foodie art works...I made all my mates go and have a look he he he
    sophie munns said...
    these look great Renee Anne...hope you did really well and have got lovely things planned for xmas and hols!
    renee anne said...
    oh, thank you Sophie, so sweet of you :) x
    Jessie said...
    they look lovely! i'm so glad it was all such a big success for you :) now go and have a well earnt rest!!

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