every one of these outfits

oh and maybe to look a bit like her too.
boo you expensive fashion.
I shall endeavour to create these looks vintagely
(and cheaperly).


must go back to bed now
(also boo you to migraines)

[all images from Ruby // found via i love muffins]


  1. Tracey said...
    Oh yes!! Me too!! ;)
    Jordan Clarke said...
    Ooh pretty! I know how you feel about imitating these cheaply - I'm always trying to do the same!
    chamelia said...
    The shoes!! In desperate need of all polka dotted dressed too. Add it to the list of things I want but can't have.
    renee anne said...
    haha, isn't it terrible ladies!

    maybe some of my christmas present buyers read this blog.... ;)

    thanks for the lovely comments

    Jessie said...
    i need to stop buying pretty dresses but this is why i can't. maybe santa will bring them for me (not likely!)

    and good luck for finders keepers - i'm sure it will be super busy + awesome so have a blast!

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