have you got your?
[just a little illo, do you like?]

was the first day of christmas....
[my advent illustration contribution to the fabulous forth thread blog.]

with many bloggers winding down posting for the year, I thought now would be good time to get into those "save for a rainy day" posts. You know the ones, that you know would be awesome, if you could just find a spare second!

well I will be alone this christmas (just me and my boyfriend) and I am actually kind of excited by this. it will (hopefully) give me some time to catch up on real world mag and book reading, and when my addiction calls me back online, some blog reading (not the fast-scrol type of read either!) too.

here are some posts to get you started if you feel like your reader is looking a little empty (oh noes!).

+ really helpful post from Leeloo :: Web 2.0 for Indie Designer Businesses

+ pretty damn sweet tutorial, oh how my eyes have been opened! :: over at Poppytalk

+ *cough did somebody say NEET Reader {twin set} sale? :: go get your code!

+ oh the joys of being inspired :: gorgeous post over at Lovelorn Unicorn

+ is all this blog reading making you hungry? :: find cool places to eat

+ art art art :: inspiration and loveliness.

+ maybe you can start getting yourself organised for the EOFY (yuk!) :: DIY accounting

+ feel like dying from jealously? too much 'whimsy lovely' to handle :: pretty pink pictures

+ sharpen your product photography skills and retake all your shop photos?

+ D.E.C.O.R.A.T.E! (those images kill me).

+ I love this post, do you ever try and spend ages trying find a perfect handwriting font (for free *cough) when it might be easier to just actually handwrite it?

that should keep you going for, I don't know, ten minutes? I wonder if I will post again before Christmas?



  1. E R I N said...
    i love both illustrations!
    how did you create them?
    renee anne said...
    @ Erin :: Hi Erin,

    Thank you for all your lovely comments!!
    With the illustrations, I sketched the first on paper, then scanned them and played in photoshop with texture colour etc!

    Glad you like :)
    Oh and I LOL'ed at the paper tree comment hehehe.

    Renee xx
    E R I N said...
    beautiful! a great mix of illustration + digital


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