amazing "real" (?) artist.

woah. sometimes I think I spent too much time seeking ways to create things that doesn't involve actually doing the hard work. give me a way to make art that doesn't require me to get all grubby with pencils and spend hours and hours refining tiny details to a point that requires me to get glasses due to eye strain and I tend to get excited.

while I could never draw to this level (*cough, yes those images are drawings by Maria Kontis), Once I could probably do a lot better than what I can do today. because I did it. you know. practice and all that.

now, I can hardly be bothered getting out the pencil case. why bother when I have access to photoshop, and a whole range of artistic options. I don't even have to get my hands dirty.

p.s. omg-it-is-the-last-day-of-the-year.


  1. sophie munns said...
    Happy New Year Renee and lots of brilliant things coming your way in 2010!
    sophie x
    renee anne said...
    sophie munns : oh thank you so much lovely!!! same to you!!! xx
    Anonymous said...
    some one told me that if we were to draw just five minutes each day we'd improve in leaps and bounds...!!! mmm something to consider...!!!
    Happy New Year btw :)

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