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I must say, I am pretty proud of myself this year. Wayyyyy back in the beginning (of this year) I made a little promise to my self to get out of my comfy little nest and make my way into the BIG SCARY city and attend more art exhibition openings. Not only have a been to a fair few (not as many I would like), heck I even co-held my own! (two!)

Anyway, last night I made the trip to my favourite little gallery, with my favourite little art lover friend to see the BEASTMAN, NUMSKULL, PHIBS & YOK exhibition. Despite it being the extreme opposite to the last show held there, and the fact that I was probably totally out of place in a vintage frilly dress with a crowd full of sk8er dudes, it was still totally awesome.

[more murals. p.s. they were painting these while Once Uponwas on. Fumes killed me]

Plus, in typical groupie style, we got to chat with one of the artists, Yok, and I am sure you will agree with me in saying that is work is insanely good. When I see people with such an extensive, comprehensive range of drawings and painting, I feel so lazy and inadequate. But also very inspired.

[awesome artworks by Yok]

Less than one month ago the space was filled with fairytales...

and now, insane multi-colour awesomeness.
(with enough fumes to make you drunk, no alcohol required).

Was fun to remiss about our show too. I still can't believe the buzz is still buzzing.
Check out the awesome
lovely wonderful Once Upon recap/debrief
by the gorgeous
sweet amazing Angela.
Have your tissues handy.


  1. tabitha said...
    it looks awesome! i wish i could have gone, but i had to work that night :(
    Ben Zen said...
    Wow, this exhibition looks amazing! The gallery looks so different to Once Upon. Have a great weekend Renne :)

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