if I could be anyone else...

...I would be Camilla Engman. Okay I am joking. I love who I am and I am happy with my life just how it is. But it would be nice if I could channel a little of Camilla's awesomeness into my life. As usual, the thing that pushes me over the edge when it comes to an artist crush is when their home is just as super amazing as their art. I don't know if it makes me smile or cry with jealously. Either way, it makes me happy and gives me something to strive towards.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Camilla Engman book for sale. I don't think I have ever clicked "add to cart" quick enough. Fingers crossed it arrives soon.

check out this gorgeous image from the Design*Sponge website. I know they say those vases on the left are from here, but does anyone know if anybody local (Australia) makes them?
p.s. once I get some decent pictures, a post finders keepers market post to come.


  1. Sara said...
    Oh I hear you - she sure is a talented lady! I love all her art and photographs and wish I had an ounce of her creative talent. I'm with you there on the artist crush!!
    renee anne said...
    Sara - hehe, yep yep. Every time I see anything I just melt with "omg"ness.

    Marcela Restrepo said...
    Hi renee-anne,
    I just wanted to say hi, it was nice to meet you at the markets! :)
    I agree, Camilla's work is so beautiful.


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