I used to make these when I was a little kid. I think they are pretty sweet idea to recycle old mags, that we always seem to hoard and never seem to read. Perfect for christmas, or just for general display! I made one as apart of my christmas decorations and thought it would be nice to share. I hope you enjoy!

You will need ::

- two old magazines with a staple bound spine (not like a Frankie or Vogue with one of those thicker spines… plus, who would do that to a Frankie mag?)

- a stapler

- spray paint (optional)



Directions ::

1. Open the cover and take the top right corner of the first page.

2. Fold corner in a triangle shape, to align with the centre spine of the mag.


3. Take the outer edge of the fold, (where you made the crease) and fold in again like above (probably best to see picture).

4. “Turn the page”. Make sure you do press down and ensure that all folds are nice and sharp.


5. Fold the bottom corner up to align with the bottom of the magazine page (also best to see picture, and this step is optional, I wanted mine to have a flat base)

repeat repeat repeat

6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for every single page of the mag. Yes. Every page. (A snack may help make this more fun).

7. Make sure you press down every so often to flatten the folds, otherwise it will be too puffy and thick.


8. When you get to the last page, fold the cover in, same technique, just opposite.

half way!

9. HALF WAY! Now get your next mag and repeat steps 2 to 8 until you have two identical half trees.

nearly there!

10. Staple the two front covers and the two back covers of the magazines together to create a full tree! (Sorry I don’t have a picture of this step.. sort of forgot. But that makes sense doesn’t it?)

And now you are done! If you like the natural look, you can keep it as is, or choose your favourite colour and give it a bit of a spray paint. Place it somewhere nice and admire your hard work! These are great for Christmas time, but can also look pretty sweet any time of year.


p.s. those cute little tee pees are a little gift from Amy Borrell, aren't they the cutest??

p.p.s. did you like this tutorial? would you like more tutorials? can you even understand my instructions??

p.p.p.s. "why the fudge are you reading the New England Journal of Medicine Renee??"
"oh, sorry, I work in a medical library. We always get so many spare copies, and the pile was getting too huge I had to do something about it". xoxox


  1. cerebral e said...
    I have to read that every week, although usually online. Thanks for giving me an idea for all my Medical Journal of Australia back issues!
    Chrissy Lau said...
    Hi Renee

    I love this tutorial thanks for making it and pre-empting the questions about why you have a medical journal haha you must be pyschic.

    I'm going to give this a go :-) because I understand the instructions and the great photos. Cute tee pees by Amy too!

    Good news on the TE v AH saga. I read up on it on 9msn...I still can't believe that they would google an image and use it directly. Where's the creativity in that? Even if it has no copyright why would they use it, surely they want to be unique adn create something of their own? I would anyway.

    There's my little moan over haha Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010!
    Chrissy x
    nataliette said...
    w00t! this is pretty and awesome! if i had more of a crafty finger (and magazines) i would do it :D
    renee anne said...
    nataliette :: thanks!! and don't be silly, anyone can be crafty! hahaha. Renee x
    Jessie said...
    oh i totally want to make these for my house! and your tutorial is great :)
    weddings said...
    VERY clever idea!
    Anonymous said...
    I have so many old copies of the NEJM lying around my office! Now I finally have something to do with them! Great idea! Great Tutorial!
    Am going to give them as gifts to all my doctor friends : )
    Unknown said...
    This is great! Thanks for your clear directions - I will definitely be making one!
    renee anne said...
    weddings :: great website! thank you for finding mine!

    and "Anonymous" :: I am so super excited about that idea. hahaha thank you for sharing with me!
    Michelle said...
    wow, so THAT is how you make those, groovy
    Amy Marshall said...
    I am making a tree RIGHT NOW!
    Heidi Leon Monges said...
    just wanted to let you know, altought it's 2 days after Christmas (and we had no christmas tree) i'm making it right now!! revoir elle magazines...
    E R I N said...
    i used to make these when i was a kid!

    i saw one in a design mag for about $60 just before xmas..... almost fell off my chair.

    merry late christmas! x
    E R I N said...
    ps: love the half eaten watermelon lol
    Ali Manning said...
    This is fabulous and really easy to understand - thanks so much for sharing!

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