best christmas present ever.
and the page turns!
look! an actual 45 record
the perfect couple
the handsome prince

just. look. at. what. the most amazing friend got me. that is right. a Cinderella record to go with my gorgeous Caitlin Shearer original painting from the Once Upon exhibition. it is just so special, the colours are perfect, and strangely match Caitlin's painting. Both the vinyls are there (I am yet to test them on my mini 45 record player, but I will) and, AND there is a mini story book included in the cover. so perfect. the only problem is finding the most specialist place to put them. I keep moving them all over the place. I think it has to be the bedroom, but where! I am so thrilled to own a Caitlin Shearer original too. When we opened up her amazing paintings for the show, I just knew I had to have this one.

Do you like my pretty photos? I took them with the shinny new camera.


  1. Leeloo said...
    *sniff* ;)
    Jessie said...
    oh that is the sweetest present ever. i had a copy of that when i was a little girl and i adored it, and the sleeping beauty one i had too. hope you find somewhere to put it on display :)
    renee anne said...
    @ Leeloo :: *hugs*

    @ Jessie :: I know! oh gosh, so cute!!! I think I have the spot, I just need to clean my room so it will look nicer! And get me some of those damn 3M sticky things. So expensive!

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