ohtel, wellington NZ

If I was to dream of the most perfect hotel of all time, this hotel would be it. Lucky for me I am likely to visit Wellington sometime in the near(ish) future and so I will ensure that ohtel takes pride of place on my itinerary. Can you imagine being the buyer for this place?* I literally died when I saw it. Thanks apartment therapy for the intro!

[all images from ohtel]

*EDIT : so it turns out that the buyer/designer actually reads my blog, such a lucky thing!!! And what a bizarre coincidence. hehehe.

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  1. Nikki said...
    Hi Renee!

    This is so crazy that I just recently added your blog to my reading list and then I see you post about Ohtel - I was part of the team of interior designers who put it all together!

    At the time I was working for esdesign (www.esdesign.co.nz). Alan, owner of Ohtel sourced most of the pieces of furniture from Australia and London, then we added a few of our own, and put together colours, fabrics, upholstery, furnishings, room styling etc throughout. It was SUCH a great job to work on, it has a very quirky but very fitting mid century meets 21st century style to it, small and boutiquey too.

    I hope you enjoy when you get to visit!
    The views aren't bad either :)

    P.S. there are no doors to the bathrooms, only glass walls... !

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