love // IKO IKO

two things.

one. IKO IKO is my new dream shop. hold on while I go set my teleporter to "los angeles"

two. that vintage record player that I mentioned in that last post? yeah, that is it right there in their shop. well not mine actual one. but the same one. I totally need to find a way to display that at home without my boyfriend thinking it is rubbish and throwing it out.


  1. Nikki said...
    Hi again!

    There is an Iko Iko on Cuba Street in Wellington, NZ - assuming it is the same/similar thing, but going by the photos on their blog I'm thinking it is...? The one in Welly is fantastic, it is just round the corner from my old workplace so I used to spend many a lunch break in there!

    Might be easier for you to 'teleport' to! hehe
    Jessie said...
    oh get me there now! can i just say one please to everything in that picture?!

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