addiction; porcelain

currently loving porcelain at the moment. but more so Studio Violet

I mean seriously. Just have a trawl around the website.

Could an artist get any more amazing?

(wait I believe it is two artists; Elisabeth Dunker Camilla Engman)

I want to post everything, but I shall let you wonder through the wonderfulness.

(thanks to; poppytalk for the sweet intro!)


  1. Fine Little Day said...
    Thank you :)
    Kookoo.Doll said...
    what an artist!!
    amazing stuff in here
    great to walk through your magic land
    Melissa de la Fuente said...
    Your blog is so lovely and so happy to visit! Wow. Could that photo above be more enticing? I love studio violet as well and know I am in love with that tea set! Thanks!

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