Survivor Dinners

Jeff Probst

Popular phrases that tend to get thrown around at dinner time with my family are "catch and kill", or "survivor dinner", with the idea that dinner is basically just a free for all, find whatever you can in the house and cook it and eat it. Sometimes when the money situation is particularly thin, we might even play "survivor week" where no food shopping is allowed to be done, as there is bound to be something eatable in the kitchen that can be prepared.

I think this concept has become particularly important and relevant during this wonderful economic crisis global recession or whatever we are calling it these days (surely there is an acronym going around, GEC sounds familiar).

Tonight I am planning on making a quiche, something I have never actually done before. I make plenty of frittata’s, but I thought it was time I extended the recipe to include a base. Realising that I didn't have any flour at home, I began writing a little list of the things I would need to complete some of the recipes I have been looking at. Flour, cream, butter, etc etc. Gosh the list was getting pretty big and I have already done the dedicated food shop for the week.

Then my survivor instinct kicked in. I had the thought that maybe there are quiche recipes that use potatoes as a base? After a quick google I came up with a few options. Obviously in the nature of survivor dinner I can only use things that I have so I have made up my own version of a recipe which I plan on test flying tonight.

We are looking at so far;

Tasty Cheese
Cherry tomato
Goats cheese

Hopefully I will be able to create something eatable out of this lovely collection. I just can't decide whether to mash the potato or thinly slice. Hmm any suggestions?

I shall let you know of the results!


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  1. Unknown said...
    We used to do this at uni quite a bit. Two minute noodle rolls was a favourite. I made them up and then had them as a filling in a roll. It was lovely. Another one I made was a tuna casserole pie. It had this weird pastry base that was made in a saucepan and super yum, a tuna casserole filling and a mash on top. It was one of my most favourite meals ever.

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