advanced appologies.

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this past week, and I am sure for the next few weeks ahead, I have been super occupied with my lastest major life event ; moving out of home.

it is fun, exciting, scary, busy, tiring, stressful and wonderful all rolled into one. but at the moment the only downfall is my spare time is very limited and I haven't got all my things in the one place, hence less arting is taking place.

but organising my artness is next on the list. so never fear. all should be well and good soon. lets hope.
p.s. now that I have more than just one bedroom wall available for decorating I need lots of new art!! so while I do have a rather last little list of arty favourites saved somewhere to my computer, I really am always open for suggestions, now more than ever!!!

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  1. Ashlee said...
    moving away from home is exciting (and a little sad)...

    irresponsible and disrespectful roommates are the reason why my decorating is limited to my bedroom only.

    cannot wait to have a whole house to decorate just as i like. right now, my precious finds cannot be trusted outside the walls of my room.

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