People really are, so nice.

You meet the nicest people on a Honda
You meet the nicest people on a Honda by gingerbeardman, on Flickr

So had to share some nice people moments I experienced today.
First moment; Farmer's Markets.
I have been buying my jam from the most loveliest of jam makers, and it is seriously the most wonderful jam I have ever tasted. Today I went to buy some more, and I always like to let the lovely creators know if I like their product (that is why farmer's markets are just so great, you can speak directly to the person responsible for the amazing food!), so I told them how amazing their jam is and how addicted I am to it, so I bought another jar for $10.

As I was walking away, one of the jam makers came up to me with another jar and said "have another one on us".

I mean, seriously. That made my day, week even. So sweet.

Thinking things could not possibly get any better, later when I was shopping in a home wares shop for some tins to store some things in my laundry, I asked the shop assistant for some help with what I was after.

She showed me a few options and they were not suitable and I pointed to something that was being used for a display and said, "something just like that is what I am after".

She said, "ahh they are not for sale sorry! They are just for our display"
I didn't mind, but as I turned to go she grabbed a few and said "look you can just have these, go on, take them, I know they are exactly what you want, and if they don't have a price then they must be free to take!"

I was so shocked. And so thankful!

My boyfriend said to me "What is WITH you and free stuff today!"

I don't know, but it was pretty super cool.
I love nice people.


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  1. Lightning Heart said...
    ahh yay!
    those days are the best :)

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