Necklaces 8April09

Necklaces 8April2009 worn and drawn by me

When I unpacked my jewellery, I wanted to make sure (like everything else) that I did it properly and practically. So I created a larger version of one of these, a DIY from Design*Sponge, and my jewellery selecting experience has never been better. [I might take some pictures one day, because I am pretty proud].
As a result today I am sporting 3 lovely necklaces (all that I had forgotten I had because they were impractically hidden away somewhere!). And as a result of my wearing of lovelies, I felt inspired to sketch them for me and for you.
Maybe I feel a habbit forming.

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  1. Jessie said...
    i love that idea! i got some metal trees & hung my earrings etc on those but those frames are great

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