Do you ever get that feeling that some things just have to be blogged about. Even if so many others already have?

This morning while reading Peppermint Mag, this blogging urge hit me.

I love the beautiful cover by bec winnel

I love the texture of the pages

I love reading every written word

I love that everything the editor wants to share is exactly want I want to read about

I love that my personal goals of wanting to buy local, handmade, eco-friendly, fairtrade, organic or vintage are made that little bit easier with all the wonderful advertising and information about people doing these exact things (these goals are hard to meet without such help!)

I love that I have only read 3 pages and it is already living up to the expectations I had and leaping right past them.

I don't love that I have only read 3 pages! I want more!

But I guess I don't want it to end either!
(hurray for magazines, it means there will be more!)

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  1. Anastasia said...
    oh i saw this at the newsagency in Newtown but didnt get it - now I wish i did! everyone is raving about it!!

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