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Oh yes, I put my recipe following and cooking skills to the test last night and had a crack at this yummy looking salad from one of my favourite food blogs VeganYumYum. I chose the second version of the potato salad; Potato Salad with Herbed Dijon Vinaigrette

So why not review my own cooking??

Well I should have taken my own photo because the lovely featured image is from VeganYumYum's post (the main reason I love that blog is for the photos!), but in all seriousness, mine looked pretty close to that, without all the fancy lighting and sweet photography.

It was SUPER easy to cook, and fail-proof in my books, and I do fail quite a bit in my cooking experiments (must remind myself I am only learning!). It uses what I call cupboard staples, so you generally don't need to buy anything extra, and it was very quick to make.

The verdict?
Me; YUM! And YAY there was some left over because now I have a yummy lunch!
Boyfriend; Yeahh not bad, maybe a bit strong.

(ok yeah it was a TAD strong, and I don't know what the "strong" element was.. maybe the Dijon? Which was "Extra strong Dijon" because it was the cleanest Dijon I could find when shopping.)

But I shall try again and I will try the other version too!

I am always up for clean healthy natural recipe suggestions too if anyone has any fail-proofies!

Oh a relevant note, who watched Master Chef Australia?. I thought it was a tad over the top but I do love my reality shows that are "Idol" themed and I do love my cooking shows, so I think it will be a regular viewer!

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  1. Ashlee said...
    this looks really yummy.

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