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BACALL now available over at made it.

I really do love etsy, and gained so much more than lovely possessions (but that is certainly plus!) by spending time on and in the etsy community.

What I really came to post about is that I also love made it, but I will admit, I do often forget about it.

One of my biggest shopping "rules" that I have sent myself this year is to not only buy handmade, but to try and buy local as well. Hence why made it is rather perfect for me.

ANYWAY my real point is that I am now slowly setting myself up over at made it, and so for those locals, you will be able to purchase some prints in good old Australian dollars.

So go check out the old (new) shop! shop art4friends
(oh and any feedback is always appreciated).

Any other made it sellers out there?

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  1. Jessie said...
    the store looks great. i have a madeit shop or i should say had one, i haven't been able to set it back up since they changed it over. but there are lots of lovely things!

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