...when you get excited shopping for tea towels and other homely homewares. I am actually a little obsessed with this form of shopping at the moment. And I just love it.

EVERYTHING from Materialistic is on my current wish list.

But seriously, look how easy it is become addicted with all the lovely options!

In relevant news; I am on a one week spending ban, sort of imposed by me with a strong influence from my boyfriend. It is not that I have been buying too much (maybe just a little), but I think just a one week break and that way I can organise my wants and needs. It is just there are so many wonderfuly amazing handmade items out there, just calling to be purchased!

I also blame eBay. And maybe twitter; both of which I am currently addicted to. (please follow me!)
I love that colour blue.


  1. Ashlee said...
    this is also my obsession.
    Unknown said...
    I need to stop spending also! That tea towl rocks :)

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